Facility User Guidelines

As a research lab with the presence of chemicals and biological materials in the Imaging Core Facility, certain rules and policies as well as training are required for users accessing the facility.

Policies and Guidelines for Confocal Facility in PSC839 (July 2022)

GSU Lab Safety Manual can be found in the link below:

Security Awareness Training

It is a requirement for all personnel working and/or visiting NSC, RSC and/or floors 5-9 of PSC to take the “Security Awareness Training” module annually (even staff who work as administration in offices and not in laboratories). This training is one of the many requirements which inspectors will be looking for in regards to security in these buildings where there is limited access. More specifically, we want to ensure that each authorized person is aware of the anti-tailgating rules and that they are not allowing any unauthorized individuals to gain entry to floors 5-9 or stairwells, even if they show his/her PantherCard to you. All persons must gain entry to those floors with limited access by using his/her own card access.

Rules and Regulations

All imaging facilities should have established rules of operation clearly implemented, as expected within any shared facility. The equipment is expensive, the operational learning curve can be steep, and since there are many settings on any microscope to obtain an image, once users learn to get optimal data from properly (and optimally) operating equipment, they should not expect less.

Guidelines are not merely instructions for using equipment, they also address safety issues. By the time a sample is brought into the imaging facility, it should no longer have the same degree of hazard associated with it as it had during the preparation. In other words, emphasis is now on maintaining a safe environment for others using the shared equipment. Gloves should not be worn when using a computer keyboard or focusing a microscope, contamination should not be a concern for the next user. A microscope stage should not have any residue on it after someone has finished using it, and both slides and outside surfaces of samples should be clean and dry.